Response to Boase article

Pew Internet: Mobile | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

After reading the Boase article, I was surprised not at his findings, but the fact in 2008, he used data from 2004.  The link above shows how dependent we were on Mobile Technology by 2012.  I think Boase article should have mentioned the rapid growth of that technology in his 2008 article.  Also, by 2008 Facebook had 175 million users, and that was not the only social media available out there.

When someone is doing a study related to personal networks in 2008, I think that more than phone lines, in-person, and email needed to be taken into consideration.  His study does not reflect the super fast growing technology that was available for people in 2008 to use to communicate with their personal networks, especially those who were geographically distant.  His “Social Ties” data had become almost obsolete, and I think he should have taken into consideration that when his study was published many Americans had given up their landlines.

Just a few thoughts about the article.

Here are some articles and videos related to Social Media and the impact of having digital technology so readily available and constantly used. (with video)


Social Informatics – Where good ideas come from

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

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